Fed up!

So today is my first blog ever.

I decided to write a blog so I can say what is on my mind. This may eventually change.

I take the subway here in Manhattan everyday , I am so annoyed with the way people crowd on to each subway car like we are cattle.

People coughing on you , sneezing , and stepping on your shoes with not so much as an excuse me. It is disgusting.

Then the train gets delayed in between each station so when you arrive at the next station more people cram on pushing their way through.

Then every once in a while you get the delightful smell of a homeless person who pissed themselves and is sleeping across a couple of seats.

What ever happened to the Mayor Giuliani days whenhe cleared up the streets and subways.

Anyway I am Fed up with New Yorks Subway system and it really needs to change.


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